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Sacred Relationship Workshop

How to shift experiences of pain, fear and mistrust to 

  If you're like me, you know that relationships can be painful. And I'm not just talking about the ones where you thought you had met the love of your life and then it didn't work out. I'm also talking about friends, family members, co-workers, roommates etc.

The problem is complicated and painful, but there IS A WAY OUT!
The paradigm of human relating is shifting from defensive to cooperative.
But no one has taught us how to do this.  
Mainly, we have been successfully trained to relate defensively.
But what are we defending? 

And why do we tend to get so angry, be mean, avoid, shut down, go away, feel lonely etc? 

 If you would like to learn (or keep practicing) how to shift the feelings of anger, hurt, betrayal, pain, frustration, depression, loneliness and mistrust, to empathy, compassion, appreciation, forgiveness and love, join us . . .

Future Dates to be Announced

In this workshop you will learn:

~ how to be in your truth with another
~ why we react and get so angry, either outwardly or covertly
~ whose truth is right
~ why we feel bad or guilty after a fight
~ how we can resolve the fight or upset without pretending it didn't happen
~ come away feeling heard and respected
~ what it takes to get back in love, honor and Sacredness with another

$65 per person or $100 per couple

If you have questions or need more information call the facilitator Sue/Truth Irwin at 415-377-5156
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